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    September 15, 2010
    6:00 - 7:00am EDT  

we have a disabled tractor- trailer approaching florida avenue. obviously taking away the left lane for drivers and these drivers, the taillights here are stacking up around bladensburg road. go to the maps and show you the water main break that takes away two lanes. this is eastbound silver hill road where it meets silver park drive. moving along, we move it outside and show you the outer loop. things are filling out between university and georgia. the delay is on the way. and finally virginia we wrap with you. 66 no incidents or accidents just a little more congestion building between 50 and nutley. now, over to andrea? >> thank you. the major story is campaign 2010 and the fallout from a big primary election. here's a quick rundown of what you need to know. vincent gray will be the district's next mayor. he beat mayor fenty. in prince georges county baker is declaring victory in the county executive race but no official reports result.
and nationwide, at least two key wince for the conservative tea party movement. again the top headline is a shake-up in the district. vincent gray rode a wave of discontent of victory in the democratic primary. with 90% of the precincts counted, gray grabs 53% of the vote. fenty got 45%. kristin fisher has more on the race that didn't end until four hours ago. kristin? >> i know. crazy. this race wasn't called until around 2:00 this morning and gray didn't even stand up to give his victory speech until a half hour later. so a very late night for everyone involved. for all of the campaign workers here at his headquarters to the candidate himself [cheering and applause] vince gray took the stage around 2:30 this morning at his primary night headquarters. the washington hotel. this victory virtually assures that gray will be the city's
next mayor. he face thousand republican challengers and fenty said he would not be a where in candidate. it felt like an election night victory party. gray said that dc voters sent a message loud and clear, that they wanted to bring character, integrity and leadership back to the mayor's office. clearly a jab at fenty but gray was quick to congratulate his opponent. take a listen. >> i want to con group late mayor fenty for running a hard, and spirited campaign [ mixed crowd reaction ] >> despite our differences, i know well that he shares our commitment to the city. >> so far, we are all still waiting for fenty to publicly concede. here he is.
looking at footage of him around 1:00 this morning talking to reporters. he was saying he wanted to wait until all the votes are in. we have 90% of the precincts reporting now at this moment. we know that a spokesman for fenty's campaign has indeed reached out and called vincent gray's campaign, but the two candidates themselves have not talked. a phone call between them is expected to take place at some point later this morning. andrea, after this very late night i'm going to guess it will be much later this morning before the two candidates do indeed talk over the phone. >> you were talking about how late this race wasn't even official until four hours ago. what were the problems that caused that with the election machines in certain precincts? how's that going to be resolved? >> it was really an issue with getting returns in. dc was testing out a new system, one of their electronic
methods of getting the votes in and that was causing significant delay. we within seeing long lines at the polls toward the end of the day. it was more of an issue of just getting the returns in. more technical glitches than anything else. and you know, there was prolonged battle between the two campaigns to keep the polls open a bit longer. so really it was all of those various issues that built on one another and that's why it took until 2:00 this morning to get those official results in and we are still waiting. 10% more precincts still need to work. -- need to report. back to you. >> as vince gray prepares to take over as mayor he will be replaced by brown. brown won nearly 55% of the vote. orange finished in second with 39%. phil mendle son is the winner in the race for the at
large city council seat. he won 63% of the vote and beat the other michael brown. brown won 27% of the vote. now we turn to the campaign in maryland. in prince georges county, the results aren't official but baker is declaring victory in the county executive race. with 70% of the votes counted, baker has 43%. sheriff jackson has 32%. as we said, baker is declaring him the winner. he did no in mitchellville. gary was there. this is gary noneberg in prince georges county where three times was the charm for baker who succeeded in his third attempt to secure the nomination, the democratic nomination for prince georges county executive leading by a comfortable margin. his closest opponent michael jackson. >> prince georges county is ready to be first in education [cheering and applause]
first in job creation [cheering and applause] first in opportunity [cheering and applause] first in invasion [cheering and applause] first in integrity [cheering and applause] and first in public safety. >> reporter: it was something like a rock show when baker finished his remarks. they wouldn't let him off the stage and at times it seemed as though he would be crowd surfing with this happy group of supporters who are pleased he has succeeded in getting the nomination for prince georges county executive ♪ [ music ] ♪ >> here's a look at the race for states attorney in prince georges county primary bay 3-1 margin despite
an endorse for his open murphy from former alaska governor and vice presidential candidate sarah palin. for the democrats it was an easy win for o'malley. he got 86% of the primary vote. his closest competitor was j.p.cusack. tv commentator christine o'donnell upset castle in the republican senate primary. o'donnell captured 53% of the vote and hopes to win the seat formerly held by vice president biden. >> i stood before most of you a little over a week ago and said we are not in this to come close. we are in this to win [cheering and applause] and we are in to win big. >> reporter: she will face christophers in november. another tea party upset in
new york state -- cuomo is what heavy favorite in the general election in november. keep it here for continuing coverage of campaign 2010. we have you covered on the air and on-line. vincent gray scheduled a noon press conference and we will bring that to you. get election results from racing in the areaing watch video from different events and our partners at the cbs "early show" will have more on the national races coming up. it is after the hour. ahead other stories making news including the latest on middle east peace talks. in three minutes advice on refinancing your home. jessica doyle tells us the cost and penalties you want to consider. right now our focus on maryland weather and traffic. here's howard. >> a cool morning and a beautiful afternoon across maryland. we will get you twoing.
might need a light jacket or sweater. by 9:00 in the 60s to 70s. 64 frederick. noontime temperature, camp springs 75. 73 gaithersburg and gorgeous 78 in cambridge. this afternoon we will top off in the low 80s in most areas. near the bay upper 70s to around 80. >> the weather sounds so fantastic and really no real problems to report as we take a look at river road and goldsboro road. it is clear this way. next to 117 and muddy branch, same situation where all the lain lanes are wide open. 9 news now will be back after these messages.
jessica has some home financing 101. >> people are excited about mortgage rates. they are at record lows and you can save a lot of money if you want to do refinancing right now. say you have a $300,000 loan at 6%. you get a 4-point a% mortgage to refinance. you are going to save $270 a month on that alone. but there are some pitfalls to keep in mind. >> i know closing costs are something we have to consider. >> that's right. closing costs are the fees you pay right away when you sign your mortgage. you are going to take out your checkbook or you are going to wrap it in to the mortgage.
you are paying more to save money but we have numbers to consider. of course we have seen the mortgage meltdown, some changes in the financial system and as a result we have seen closing costs go up 36% since the end of last year. the average closing cost on a $200,000 mortgage right now is $3,700. but remember, you can negotiate on some of these costs and you should shop around because some costs are high every with different companies. another pitfall i want you to consider, make sure that you read the current mortgage paperwork to see if there are prepayment penalties as much as six month interest on the original amount. on a $200,000 mortgage this can be $6,200 that you have to either write a check for or wrap in to the mortgage. so you are losing a lot of ground with prepayment penalties. >> you are the financialista and you want to be our friend but you condition there with us all the time. where can we turn to get help. >> some places to start
zillow.dom is a good place to see if you can get the loan in the first place and assess the value of your home. check out the federal trade commission's website. they have useful comparison work sheets. keep the information in the right place and bankray.com has mortgage calculators and you can do comparison shopping to see how low the rates are that you can get with your credit score. >> good advice. a lot of information. so if you want to two back and revisit this go to the financialista.com. and go though the website and you will have the great information there. this wednesday morning here's what is in the news now, vincent gray says he wants to unite the district. he won the primary for mayor. gray captured 53% of the vote. round two of the middle east peace talks in israel. secretary of state hillary clinton arrived in tel aviv overnight. america's top middle east envoys a deal could happen in a
year. pregnant women need to get a flu shot this winter. that's the word from the cdc, american medal association and other groups. vaccines this year will protect against the seasonal flu and h1n1. >> have you have you gotten your shot. >> i got the flu shot last year but not the h1n1. just didn't work. >> this time it is wrapped up in one. >> there is plenty of it out there. >> yes, there is. >> i will get it soon. i don't want to be caught. maybe i was lucky last year. i will take luck, though. let's get lucky with the weather. nice weather ahead for you on this wednesday. sunny skies and lighter winds than yesterday and good temperatures. this morning it is cool, in the upper 60s by 9:00. should be fine this evening for the soccer practice with little ones. the momslikeme.com bus stop forecast it is cool in spots.
need a light jacket or sweatshirt with temperatures in the 50s and 60s this morning. partly cloudy and comfortable. in the 50s and 60s. little warmer than this morning. light east winds and sunset 7:16. the equinox by the way, that is a weak front today when we start to fall officially. breezy and warm. late shower is possible. highs around 85 with a south wind 10 to 15. the late shower ahead of the front a better chance tomorrow night. here we go, williamsport in the 80s but a lot of 50s and 60s even to the shenandoah lower 50s. 60 in annapolis and 53 from steve in cross junction, northwest of winchester and same with leesburg. fairfax at 63. ft. belvoir is 53. to our east we have 56 andrews, 55 crofton. 55 at bwi and columbia you are 56. national checks in with 63. water is keeping them warmer.
wind is calm and the barometer continues to rise with high pressure building in at 30.11. there's the high pressure comes in from the ohio valley stretching in from michigan to west virginia. this frontal boundary to our south came through yesterday. gave us the breezy conditions and going to keep us on the dry side of things for the next day, day and a half. as we head through tomorrow you will notice the moisture heading to the east. tomorrow and in the afternoon, 2:00, you notice the showers in western pennsylvania approaching western maryland. may get parts of northern maryland. friday morning we are looking clear and here's the front and that will cool us down for friday but still going to set us up for a good weekend. seven-day forecast, 82 today. 85 tomorrow. there's the showers tomorrow in to friday. maybe a quarter inch if we are lucky. the weekend looks good. 84 on saturday. sunday 83. no problems for the skins game. and monday 79 with a slight chance of a shower.
it is 6:17. let's get to traffic. >> all right. that's what i have got for you. we are moving well across the viewing area. folks in better moods out in northeast dc. take you to the disabled tractor-trailer here on new york avenue. taking away the left lane. looks like the clearing stages and drivers are backed up around bladensburg road. move to 395 northbound. track the travelers here. below speed between edsall and seminary. plus five minute unless the car for that and it is growing. before this on 95, we are finding a slow go between the prince william parkway and 823 and lorton making your way to 644. finally we round it out with maryland. i-270, no incidents to report out here but the delay is on the way as we watch the build around germantown road to montross. now, over to andrea. >> we have some breaking news. sky 9 is over ricci borrow
road. there is a police situation going on here. we are told it is an ongoing barricade. authorities are trying to end it peacefully. we will keep an eye on it and bring you updates as soon as we get them. in other news we could know the name of the prince georges county officer who struck and killed a man. both were on the way to work. 62-year-old ronald burgess was crossing the street in landover when the officer struck him. burgess was a half mile away from the southern maryland post office where he worked for 25 years. burgess ' nephew said the family prayed for a better outcome. >> the doctor came back with his head down and we knew he had pass away. head trauma, broken ribs, broken jaw a piece of his lung had to be removed because he had internal damage. >> reporter: police will con to investigate what happened but at this point they believe
burgess was at fault. an ice hockey team left homeless after the blizzards of 2010 will soon a have a new home when prince william ice center collapsed under the weight of the snow the group had nowhere to go. but next month they will have a new facility in haymarket. the organization used $400,000 in membership dues to build their own rink. they are hoping to put the ice down this week. this story is from the prince william county page on the news section of our website, news where you live at wusa9.com. there are pages for more than 50 local communities. it is 6:19. ahead a look ahead though football doubleheader on sunday and hernandez looking good on the mound for the nationals last night. in three minutes, see what he did at the plate asle with.
good morning, everyone. in the nationals season it was all about strasburg and his nuclear powered fast ball. who would have figured the best pitcher would be a gay that can barely throw 85? that's the deal for the nats.
hernandez has double-digit wins. he faced the braves last night. eight shut outinnings. normally not a guy that strikes out a lot of people but he did last night with six of them and the nats bats were in working order as wilt. there's adam dunn and 35 on the year for him and the even bigger donkey, levo always a great hitting pitcher and he proved it there. nats blank the braves 6-0 zip. on o's and blue jays. robert clears the bases. they come around to score as the o's roll the jays 18-3. as for football, a big doubleheader on sunday on wusa 9 the ravens and bengals a 1:00 and the redskin and texans at 4:15. be forewarned, nfl rules dictate we cannot leave the ravens game until it is over
completely. which means if it goes long or in to overtime we could miss the start of the redskins game. please note it is not our decision, it's the league and hopefully it won't happen. that's a look at sports. i'm brett haber. have a great wednesday. the time is 6:28. up next a recap of the big election news. we will hear from vincent gray and important issues over counting the votes in the district. we will look at the problem. howard promises another gorgeous day of weather. your wednesday forecast when 9 news now returns.
we know everyone's looking for ways to save. why not save on car insurance? [ coin drops ] [ high-pitched voice ] thanks. [ normal voice ] you're welcome. get a free quote at progressive.com. i'm truly humbled that you put your trust and faith in me, and rest assured, i will never take it for granted, no matter what. >> vincent gray celebrating his win over mayor fenty. he will be the city's next mayor. ahead reaction to a race that one called until early this morning. thank you for starting your wednesday with us. i'm andrea roane. howard bernstein is on the weather terrace with the forecast. a good start to the morning. >> reporter: it is a god start. it is dry out here and clear skies. comfortably cool temperatures. in fact in some spots you will need a light jacket or sweater if you are outside in the next one to two hours. while we had a few high clouds
over the last 12 hours a relatively quiet morning which means for no weather problems. some areas in the 40s like pennsylvania and locally to the shenandoah valley a few 40s there. although we sit at 63. 50sin the suburbs right now. 69 by 9:00. 77 at noon. drive home with highs 81 to 84. get the traffic update from angie goff here. >> that's what i'm here for. it's been a pleasant wednesday so far. as we take a look at the area roadways we will zoom in and take you over to route 4, rout 5 and crane highway. all of these roads are clear of incidents or accidents. just watching typical volume build as we enter the 6:00 hour. 495 in maryland. or of an accident on the outer loop approaching the georgia avenue exit. volume is starting to build. and wrap with 66, good morning,
virginia. tracking a lot 0 of taillights between 50 and nutley. five minutes extra in the car and growing for that stretch of the roadway. back to you. we turn our toe focus back to campaign 2010. here's a look at what we need to know following an important day. with a big win for gray, the dc council chairman beat fenty in the mayor's race. baker is declaring victory in prince georges county heal the lead in the county executive's race and no surprises in maryland's gubernatorial primary. as expected, it will be an o'malley ehrlich rematch. let's focus on the dc mayor's race. gray will be the next leader of washington, d.c. he was declared the winner around 2:00 this morning. it was tighter than polls predicted but not that close. gray won 53% of the vote. mayor fenty got 45%. with reaction let's go to kristin fisher in northwest washington. good morning.
>> good morning. we are still waiting for mayor fenty to publicly concede. fenty's spokesman did call the campaign about four hours ago. so far the two candidates themselves have not talked but that is not stopped vince gray from celebrating around 2:30 this morning. vine gray told a room full of supports at the washington court hotel that he was the winner. he faces no republican challenger in the november election. in his victory speech, gray congratulated his opponent for run wag he called a hard and spirited campaign. he also took time to address fenty supporters assuring them that public school reforms would continue under his administration. he said, school reform will continue with the chancellor who works with parent an teacher thes. so what does it mean for the comfort controversial school
superintendent michelle rhee? take a listen. >> i don't think any decision has been made yet. he said ever since the beginning of the campaign that he would take the time to sit down and talk to her after the election. and certainly i they that's an appropriate conversation to have now. but he's also said from the beginning that school reform has to be about more than one person. >> reporter: now, we are still waiting for 10% of the returns to come in but still 90% have indeed come in and that is more than enough to call the race. here's how the different parts of district voted. wards one, two, three and six went for fenty. so that is dupont circle, georgetown, chinatown, captiol hill, northwest most linos dc and 4, 5, 7 and 8 for gray. that's fort totten, tacoma, brentwood an anacostia. the break down looks like fenty
took more central city where as gray took the surrounding areas. heavy concentration in southeast dc and that is more than enough for him to pull out a win. >> you talked about the vote was closer than the polls predicted. any chance that fenty could mount an independent challenge in the general election? >> you know, anything is possible at this point but fenty has gone on the record previously and said he would not be a write in candidate. so it is not too likely but of course, you know, it has been a crazy 24 hour. anything's possible but it certainly doesn't look that way at this point in time. >> kristin fisher reporting live in northwest outside of gray headquarters. one reason we didn't learn who won the race until early this morning is the new voting machines made things slower, not faster in the district. voters were camped out aft the board of elections.
the chief manager says 15 precincts could not be counted. some voters were nevertheless forgiving at one this morning. >> we in the district have gotten 40% of the vote count up to this point. i think it is ridiculous. >> all of this new technology you see where we are in the process. still a lot of votes to be counted. >> reporter: most of the precincts that posed problems were east of the anacostia river. frightening moments last night at the fenty campaign headquarters a volunteer fell through a plate glass window. you can see the young man amid the shattered glass. he was bleeding badly but got in to an ambulance under his own power. fenty supporters tried to block cameras by holding up signs. now to prince georges county, maryland, baker is declaring himself the winner the prey democratic primary for county executive but so far it
is not official. this is the third time baker has run for county executive. he lost to jack jonsson. baker spoked to supporters last night in largo. >> prince georges county is ready to be first in education [cheering and applause] first in job creation [cheering and applause] first in student. >> no republicans ran for county executive op primary night. over to montgomery countying rotors there ousted one incumbent council member at the at large race. turnout was low in the county. in maryland -- mikulski easily
won the democratic primary. stay with 9 news now and cbs throughout the fall we will have the local and national races covered leading up to november. at the top of the hour our partners on the "early show" will have more on a pair of key party upsets. get election results for all of the races in our region and keep an eye on the bottom of the screen. it is 6:36. still to come a look at local safety issues following a deadly gas explosion in california. plus, jessica doyle is in the information center working on her next living smart report. what's on tap? >> for every job out there right now there are five people looking to get hired. so we are brushing up your resume skills an show you somis takes you want to avoid. but first send it to howard. >> he has a -- weather watchers are calling in with 51 catlett
and 53 frederick county and as we look at temperatures you are going to need a light jacket out. there a lot of a 0s under clear skies. a beautiful start to the day. as we warm it up, 9:00, sun is up already, low to mid-60s. mass transit 65. noontime, what a great lunch hour we will have with culpeper at 7 t. leesburg 76. as we go through the afternoon in the low to middle 80s with plenty of sunshine. if you are going to be outside don't forget the sun screen. >> take it to howard. backlick and edsall everything is clear way. nets show you a shot from fairfax, virginia. this is the situation at 7100 where it meets the fair lakes parkway. drivers are topped at a light. typical volume. come fly with me we are passing the airport making your way
through herndon, reston to tysons corner. hope you are off to a great wednesday. we will be right back.
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this morning we go to the top of the charts a the top of this the rock charts is the been one republic with is song secret. john mayer is in second with half of my heart. look at number five. don't stop believin'. journey's classic weighs in. we love that one. especially good after primary day. a special living smart report. jessica doyle is back to help you get hired. >> that's right. this morning we are avoiding those mistakes on your resume and brushing up the resume skill and of course there is a ton of competition. almost 15 million people are looking for work in the u.s.,
so the pressure is on to get in to the yes pile. our partners at career builder report that half of hr managers say they look at 25 applications or less for open positions. 38% spend less than a minute reviewing your resume and 18% spend less than 30 seconds some you need to make those 18 to 30 seconds count. and avoid the worst steps hr managers have ever seen. some of the worst cited, look at these, one job candidate put god down as a reference be no phone number of course. another listed her hobby as alligator watching. a candidate claimed on the to be a direct descendant of the vikings and another candidate has an e-mail address with love beer in it. >> consider the job and whether the humor fits the job. >> what are other mistakes that
we commonly make? these are solid gold for our purposes, maybe in the the hr managers mind set. candidates started off the application, do you want a tiger. another pointed out i will have your job in five years and another one you see a lot. one candidate sent in a 24-page resume for a five year track record. like that is going to get read. >> who cares. >> reporter: a lot of people make mistakes like on the irs forms. their own names are incorrectly spelled. >> names and phone numbers are wrong, e-mail addresses are wrong. get the basics down because you need them to come back. >> i'm thinking about the tiger thing. i may want a tiger. i don't know. >> ladies, one tip here. don't lie on a job resume, but if you do, don't interview at the place. >> never heard that before. >> we have seen it recently.
oops. >> another one you just made it to not being a gypsy. that's good. >> sniffling and sneezing. >> feeling a little coughing now, too. >> sightread weed season. the allergy update came in and it is not pretty. the weeds, that weed pollen is killing you. high. mold is moderate along with grass poolen. not much pollen from them. the day at a glance we are in for another nice day. we need rain maybe tomorrow night. 69 by 9:00. 77 at noon. the 5:00 temperature 81. right now sunny and 63. just an sunny. still clear. sun is up in four minutes. bus stop forecast, momslikeme.com, clear and cool in spots 50s and 60s. the sunrise 6:49 an then tonight it will be partly cloudy, comfortable. a little bit a few degrees warmer than this morning. mid-50s to 60s. tomorrow we will have a chance
of afternoon showers, especially north. better chance for us on thursday night in to friday morning. high of 85 and a south win breezy 10 to 15. look at the dry air from pennsylvania and ohio through our area. even in norfolk they are trying out. dew points down to 60. a pleasant morning and a chilly one. 40sin stanton and petersburg at 88. 50 cumberland. 52 culpeper. luray, glad to have you, 54 but holding on to 60 in annapolis. in town 63 and mass transit chilly 50. you need a jacket. pressure is 30.1 and rising. nationally big storms this morning in the middle of the country a lot of showers and storms there. this is tropical storm karl. winds of 65, maybe a hurricane just as it comes on shore in the yucatan and around here we have clear skies. high pressure is building in.
the front to our south. we will turn our attention to the west with the high building in today we will have no weather problems whatsoever. though tomorrow, here's some showers and even by the afternoon we could see a few in to western maryland, scraping northern maryland. overnight, here's the showers in to friday morning as the front is coming through. mountain showers but we should be dry much of the day on friday. also igor, 145-mile an hour winds. that's heading to ber move that on sunday and julia, this is up to 135. you have two major hurricanes in the atlantic. julia won't be a problem but igor really could hit bermuda maybe as a category two on sunday. here we go. 82 today. 85 tomorrow. there's the showers on thursday in to friday morning. friday cooling down to 79. low to mid-80s over the weekend. looking good for the bluemont fair and redskins game and tuesday warm in the 80s. 6:47. how about some traffic? >> how about some and how about
new problems to tell you about. we have an accident on the beltway. we want to take you there out there live on the outer loop at new hampshire avenue. we will take a live shot from sky 9. the good news is in the last three minutes or so everything has been pushed to the right shoulder. we have all lanes creeping by each that's what they are doing. going slow around route 1 college park and then once you pass the scene you are putting on the brakes again approaching georgia avenue. no fun on the outer loop as we get closer to that 7:00 hour. move over to the maps and focus on another problem we have been watching since early on. this is a matter main break on silver hill road heading eastbound at silver park drive it continues to take away two lanes for drivers. back outside, 395, we saw yellow there. that's because we are below speed. from the beltway to seminary and of course from the pentagon and the 84th street bridge. to wrap it up, we give you the inner loop in virginia. look like the delay is building between braddock road up to 50.
back to you. our time is 6:49. the deadly natural gas pipeline explosion near san francisco, california, has lawmakers taking action. a house committee is scheduled to hear testimony on the safety of natural gas lines. experts say there have been thousands of natural gas line explosions since the ' 90s. in may of 2009, a huge gas explosion in the penn mar shopping center in prince georges county hurt eight firefighters. >> they could see it coming, the pressure building up and see the glow and they hit the deck. >> reporter: as a result, of the san bruno explosion, fire departments across the country are revisiting the locations of gas lines in their communities. a maryland woman charged with striking a pedestrian while under the influence could face additional charges. that's because a woman was
struck standing on a traffic island. police say adams of mitchellville, maryland had a blood alcohol level twice of the legal limit. it took a party of hours for portis to make headline and apologize for it. the redskins running back made what some are calling disparaging comments. after the redskins gave him a talking to, portis issued an apology -- it is coming up on 6:51. we have 62 degrees here in northwest washington. gray gray will be the next mayor of the district n. three minutes when you will hear from him today.
we'll be right ring ring. progresso.
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here's what is in the news now. vincent gray won the democratic pie mayoral primary in the district. there is no republican running in november. british lawmakers will look for answers today about the b.p. oil spill. outgoing ceo tony hayward will face tough questions in london. the body of a fallen marine will be exhumed today at arlington national cemetery. private heath warner of ohio was killed in iraq in 2006. he will be the first to be exhumed following an investigation in to the president bushes with graves a arlington. we are 62 out there. mid to upper 70s by noon with sunshine and 81 for the drive home. angie will have the traffic and look at the seven-day forecast
when we return.
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i get to sleep faster, stay asleep and wake refreshed. melt to sleep fast. unisom sleep melts. information sea scene outside of the british embassy yesterday the group is raising money for service members wouldn'ted in battle. it is expected to reach santa monica, california in eight weeks. >> great job. another accident to tell you about. on the outer loop before new hampshire avenue taking away part of the right lane and you know we are losing -- actually another accident after the new hampshire avenue exit that is off to the right shoulder. this is adding to the delay starting at route 1 college park. move over to a water main break, southbound new hampshire avenue between shaw avenue and
thomas drive. you are going to lose a right lane. this is something new. another accident on branch avenue at coventry way. losing a come of lanes. pleasantly cool morning throughout. some 50s and 60s. 82 late on with sunshine and clouds. a shower is possible tomorrow in to friday morning. cooling off on friday and then a nice weekend. low to mid-80s. the "early show" is next. they will have more on the national results from tuesday's primaries. >> our next news is at noon. get the news, weather and traffic at wusa9.com. >> we will see you 4:25 on thursday. make it a great day. party triumph.